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Frequently Asked Questions 

1.) How much is a detail? 

-There are 3 pre put together wash packages starting at $40. but we offer son much more than just exterior washes.


2.) How much is it to shampoo/steam carpets?

-Its included in the Interior detail package. Starts at $85 and goes up pending condition of vehicles cabin. 

3.) Do you offer paint services? 


but we do have a wide variety of paint pens for rock chip touchups.

4.) Can I create my own detail package?

-Yes! We can put something together that's tailored to your cars direct needs. 

5.) I wanna book an appointment but I don't wanna run my water bill up....

-We supply our own water and supplies. This allows us to work at any location.

6.) Do you accept military discounts?

-No. Our prices are so competitive compared to other companies discounts are not accepted. 

7.) Do you offer engine steam cleaning? 

-YES! Head over to our book online tab and you will find the tab there. 

8.) Can you send me a invoice of what my package consist of and my balance due?

-Of Course. We can send you invoices for quotes and payment request. HOWEVER a $10 online deposit is required to secure all appointments. NONE REFUNDABLE 


9.) What are your acceptable forms of payments?

-Cash, Cash App, Zelle,  Visa and all Major Credit cards can be used to pay for your appointment. We have SQUARE READER for clients that wish to swipe a Visa/Credit card for payment. HOWEVER a $10 online deposit is required to secure all appointments. NONE REFUNDABLE 

10.) Do you guys remove mold? 

-YES! Our mold removal fee is $45 and can be attached to either the new car vibe package or the interior detail package.

11.) How far will you travel?

-We can pretty much go anywhere. However a travel fee of $1.50 PER MILE is added into your package for appointments 25 miles outside of Durham NC. 

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