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Avoiding Tire Sling

Have you ever washed your car, drove downtown and put it back in the garage just to notice a trail of oil down the side panels of your car? This is caused by an overload of tire gel/spray on the tires. A lot of people who prefer to wash their car themselves opt on using a spray applicant that goes on foamy and eventually clears up. while some products of this nature may be good, they all tend to over dress the tires. A better way of treating your tires is to apply a gel base solution on an applicator and massage the gel completely into the tire. After doing so, allow the solution to sit for a few minutes, then go back with a rag (stickily dedicated for your tires) and wipe off the excess gel. It want have that "hey look i just shined my tires" armature look but it the will look band new, and healthy.

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