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Why i don't like APC

Don't get me wrong, all purpose cleaners (APC) have their purpose but not when cleaning carpets and floor mats. I know a lot of detail guys that swear by APC solutions and use it on everything. But when it comes to cleaning the floor mats APC isn't the way to go. With so many companies coming out with solutions dedicated to carpet and seat care APC is the worse route to take.

For instant, if you use APC to clean your floor mats, its a cleaning product so its defiantly going to help clean the item in question, may even make it look brand new. However APC leaves behind a thin layer that activates as soon as dirt touches it. So when your

shoes are sitting on top of the mats, and your moving them around your reactivating the cleaning particles and the APC is now cleaning the bottom of y our shoes.

This unfortunate event leaves the aftermath of stain carpets when you just had them shampooed and cleaned thoroughly. As a detail guy that takes pride in every assignment given to me, i understand that APC is budget friendly and saves space when traveling but a few extra dollars spent investing in a solution that is designed for the task at hand, i promise you its all worth it when your client is 100% satisfied!

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